Table of Contents

Preface: Not for Profits, but for Values

Part I: Overview of America’s Nonprofit Sector

 1. Defining the “Third Sector”

What is the Nonprofit Sector?
Why Do We Need the Nonprofit Sector?
The Anatomy of America’s Nonprofit Sector: Scale, Scope, and Structure

2. Adversaries or Partners: Relations with Government and Business

Government Facilitation and Regulation
Nonprofits as Supplements, Complements, and Adversaries to Government
Relationship between Nonprofits and Business

3. Historical Developments of the “Third Sector”

Charitable Activities in Early America, 1601-1861
The Institutionalization of Philanthropy, 1861-1930
The Emergence of the “Third Sector,” 1930-2001

4. Challenges and Trends in the New Century

Overall Outlook
Major Challenges
Operational Trends

Part II: Nonprofit Operation and Management

5. The Mission Comes First

Why Mission Matters
Vision-Directed Mission
Nonprofit Leaders

6. System and People

Basic Rules and Systems
The Board
Staff and Volunteers

7. From Mission to Strategies: Innovation, Marketing, and Fundraising

Innovation Strategies
Marketing Strategies
Fundraising Strategies

8. Sustainability

Financial Sustainability
Performance Sustainability
Leadership Sustainability

Part III: Roles of Nonprofits in People-to-People Diplomacy

9. Focusing on People-to-People Diplomacy

From Government Diplomacy to People-to-People Diplomacy
Why Do We Need People-to-People Diplomacy?
Private Sector Involvement in Diplomacy: The Benefits

10. Think Tanks: America’s “Shadow Government”

The Origin and Evolution of American Think Tanks
Think Tanks and Policymaking
Think Tank Management

11. Foundations: Using Private Wealth to Advance Social Progress

The Operational Secret of the Nonprofit Sector
Foundation Operation and Strategy
American Foundations and China

12. Bridging the United States and China

A Pioneer in U.S.-China People-to-People Diplomacy
A Window into China for Americans
Special Contributions of Chinese Americans

Epilogue: Lessons Learned for China

Synopsis (in English)

Selected Bibliography (in English)